Purchasing has gained massively in importance in recent years. This is due, among other things, to the decreasing depth of creation, but also to the cross-divisional coordination competence // Procurement has gained influence within organizations. This is driven, but not limited by the reduced in-house production, as well as the cross-divisional coordinating competencies


Exp3rt Consulting identifiziert Trends, analysiert Märkte und bewertet Chancen und Risiken. Die Expertise geht jedoch auch weit über die konzeptionelle Beratung hinaus und umfasst ebenso die operative Umsetzungsbegleitung // Exp3rt Consulting identifies trends, analyses markets and assesses opportunities and risks. However, the expertise goes far beyond conceptual consulting and comprises also the operational implementation support


Sales Consulting (=Verkaufsberatung) beinhaltet alle Aktivitäten, die das Ziel haben, den Verkaufsauftritt eines Unternehmens zu verbessern. Generell geht es darum, Engpässe zu finden und sie zu beseitigen // Sales Consulting includes all activities aimed at improving the company’s sales performance and increasing the bottom line. In short it’s main objective is to identify and eliminate bottlenecks


We help you to build up a cutting-edge management. This will not only help your company to recognize short-term optimizations, but will also have a positive effect on your profit balance in the long term. // Here we can create added value by establishing and optimizing interfaces between the individual areas. The outcome is not limited to realizing quick wins, but also in a sustainable improved P & L

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Innovative Consulting in Procurement, Marketing and Sales

Exp3 Consulting is the management consultancy for the areas of procurement, marketing and sales in detail but also in their interaction with each other. Our clients benefit from the experience of our consultants, who have many years of practical experience in the subject areas themselves and thus contribute a very high level of expertise.

Our clients mainly benefit from the profound practical knowledge our consultants have in their areas of expertise in combination with their extensive experiences they gathered while holding the respective positions in the past.

Whether you are looking to optimize costs, improve visibility to your customers, increase sales or improve the interfaces between departments, our consultants with their comprehensive expertise, hands-on mentality and strong practical focus are the right contacts

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