What means Sales Consulting

Sales Consulting includes all activities aimed at improving the company’s sales performance and increasing the bottom line.
In short it’s main objective is to identify and eliminate bottlenecks.
Very practically, the sales strategy is checked, the sales processes (field - office), the media, the behaviour of all actors etc. Once you have a picture of the actual state, this is compared to the realistic target state.
Afterwards, activities are defined and implemented to reduce that gap between status quo and target status. The measurable degree of this reducing the distance between the two defines success or failure.

Sales Planning:

We help you, as a profit-oriented company, to achieve your sales goals and your product and service offerings. Exp3 Consulting defines with you the monetary and non-monetary sales targets of the company. In order to achieve the sales target, taking into account the sales processes and sales strategy, budget and resource allocation specifications must be implemented - and this is best done under a controlling body. In this way, the management and sales objectives are achieved.

Sales Strategy – What’s your plan 

Exp3 Consulting works with you to develop a plan to sell products and services and increase profits. Here it is important to include all "important points and areas" - from sales, marketing and advertising managers to company administration.
Every strategy also needs its own tactics or tactical measures. Exactly this fact is being completely overlooked by more and more companies, which in turn will use Exp3 Consulting as your advantage to strengthen your business position.

Sales-Controlling – Sales performance

Are your current control metrics delivering the visibility and analysis you need? And what is more important to you: that your sales team meets the KIP’s or that sales are consistently rising?
We at Exp3 Consulting are of the opinion that there is no right or wrong in this question, but individual goals should be set, which must also be goal-oriented. Who does it help if someone makes 20 appointments a day but does not generate sales. With us as your partner and our many years of experience, we help you to develop the important control indicators and to use them efficiently for your sales team or your key account management (KAM)!

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