Marketing campaigns / sales promotion in several countries – a special challenge


Multi-market (or international) brands desire to increase consumer – brand interaction and sales by way of individual market campaigns are usually created and carried out in each individual country (market). This can easily lead to each market promoting a completely different USP – resulting in inconsistent marketing without any common approach.

Even with the same USP, campaigns may differ to such a vast degree that still any consistency is left behind.

Hence many international brands execute locally driven, independent campaigns per market In an effort to minimize complexity and as a result face numerous service duplications per country and campaign. In doing so, “the wheel is being reinvented in every country” resulting in increased cost and a vast amount of resources.


ECG’s solution approach:

ECG’s Marketing Philosophy – the 4C Method” addresses this challenge. It shifts the focus of the campaign from the local perspective to a central marketing perspective. The creative, underlying idea of the campaign is decided centrally and implemented centrally for the participating markets (countries). Nevertheless, the campaign is so flexible that not only local marketing requirements, but also local legal requirements can be met. In the first step, the local stakeholders will provide input as far the sales target and more importantly local requirements and specifics are concerned.

After defining and coordinating the creative campaign concept, synergies are systematically taken advantage of in the area of digital realization, procurement of prizes (in competitions) of the premium procurement (in value-added campaigns).

Somit wird nicht nur ein konsistenter Markt Auftritt sondern auch vergleichbare Kampagnen  erzeugt.


Optimization of the marketing strategy / channels


The marketing channels you use fail to achieve the desired results? Marketing is almost always underestimated as it is the most important sales support. And especially the media that is used to deliver brand communication to the consumer.

Is a creative marketing approach used in an industry or a product that can only be distributed through direct marketing? It is quite easy to get lost in a world of a constantly changing marketing landscape with its countless “tools” and to subsequently make the wrong (marketing) choices.

ECG’s solution approach:

In the first step, the ECG sales professionals analyze the market / industry in which you operate. Which media does your industry use and through which marketing channels does the targeted customer approach take place? We advise you by showing you the best “Routes to Market” and together we create a strategically well-tailored marketing concept.

Again, the important interfaces to purchasing and sales are very significant, because – your marketing is only as strong as your procurement or your sales team provide the necessary input.

Es gilt das ausgewogenen Kosten-Nutzen Verhältnis, welches Ihr Unternehmen langfristig weiterbringt. Eine überzeugende Marketingstrategie wird das vorhanden Potenzial optimal ausnutzen können.

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