Optimisation of the daily cooperation between purchasing and internal customer/business partner


The communication between purchasing and the internal customer (marketing) is difficult and, to some extent, deadlocked. Joint projects prove to be difficult. Marketing accuses purchasing of looking exclusively at savings and completely ignoring quality. Purchasing accuses marketing of not looking at costs at all and of basing their choice of service provider on nothing other than arguments that are incomprehensible to third parties. The front lines are hardened and the daily work and results suffer due to the constant in-fighting.

ECG’s solution approach:

The ECG playbook. ECG takes up the problem with both areas within due diligence. The goal is to define a common language, values and objectives. In terms of language, ECG works with the two areas to develop a lexicon in which both parties can define their area-specific expressions and meanings. It is also important to co-ordinate their behaviour with each other, since naturally a marketer’s and a buyer’s mindset are usually completely opposite. To this end, behavioural etiquette must be developed and made tangible through certain values. In addition, the final step is to define measurable parameters, i.e. objectives, which can be used to measure the effectiveness of the cooperation. ECG brings these three elements together in the playbook and trains the concerned areas on it in such a way that it can be updated or adapted from there.

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