Exp3 Consulting is the management consultancy for the areas of procurement, marketing and sales in detail but also in their interaction with each other. Our clients benefit from the experience of our consultants, who have many years of practical experience in the subject areas themselves and thus contribute a very high level of expertise.

Our clients mainly benefit from the profound practical knowledge our consultants have in their areas of expertise in combination with their extensive experiences they gathered while holding the respective positions in the past.

Our aim is to unveil hidden potentials and turn them into success stories. By doing so, our task may be extended beyond presenting a solution. If requested, we support all aspects of the implementation and roll-out. Independ if your focus is on cost optimization, improved customer visibility, increasing your turnover or just smoothening the dialog and information exchange between business units – the Expe3rt Consulting Group with its mix of hands-on and subject matter experts is ideally suited to supply that often very much needed added value.

CEO and Founder

Working since 2006 in Procurement
Experienced in international procurement
‏‏Specialized on:

    • Indirect procurement
‏‏‎    •  Strategic sourcing (national/international)
    •  Outsourcing
    •  Building and restructuring
        procurement organisations
    •  Process optimization
    •  Sustainable vendor management
    •  System implementation

Dr. Bernhard Müller
CMO and Founder

Working since 1998 in Marketing & Sales
Experienced in international marketing & sales 
Specialized on:

     • Brand aquity management
     • Brand innovation
     • Developing marketing & sales strategies
     • Marketing & sales communication
     • Productmanagement
     • Multinational campaign leader
     • Marketing & sales trainer

Dipl. Ing. Oliver Sandig 

Working since years in the IT-Sector
 Experienced in different IT-Projects
 Specialized on:

     •  Prozess management
     •  Prozess optimization
     •  Software engineering
     •  Concept development
     •  Applied product development
     •  Product innovation 
     •  Patent research
     •  Mechanical and process engineering
     •  Faiture mode and effects analysis (FMEA) 

Dr. Jens Lange

Working since 2009 in projectmanagement
 Experienced in international projects
  Specialized on:

     •  Lean management
     •  Process efficiency
     •  Reorganization
     •  Change management
     •  Certificates: SRCUM,
         Lean Manager, PM

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